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     Induction flow converter

VariatoreThe cost of public lighting is about 15 and 25% of the total energy costs of a local authority and it is one of the main factor in the national energy balance. Apart from the share, which changes according to the typology of the considered Municipality, the reduction of power consumption which can be obtained through the interventions of rationalization of systems, can be considerable and they must be pursued.

Devi Impianti has innovative solutions for the system management and for the energy conservation that guarantee sensible environmental benefits. a

Our automatic systems with the induction flow changer allow regulating and checking the energy flow, switching on and off the light sources and modulating the light with the possibility of an integrated system of remote control able to control the anomalies and malfunctions at a distance; useful things, which have been studied, in order to have a general survey of the system twenty-four hours a day and to make the maintenance and restoration interventions more opportune.

The system of remote control and energy management of public lighting network allows obtaining the greatest result. The lamp switching on and off can be controlled to prevent brightness sensors, which have been dirtied by pollution or something else, from extending the working interval. The maintenance can be managed in a more rational and Test variatoriless expensive way, also in consideration of the reduction of lamp working before the definitive out of order. The network continuous monitoring also allows to identifying easily the areas with anomalous consumption easily and planning the network development strategy as well as possible.

Thanks to the help of our qualified engineers, we are able to plan personalised solutions by guarantee the best project close to the requirements and to the higher standards of conformity.

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