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The scenary of the last years shows the insecurity of the traditional energy resources; aware of the problem, and alert to both customer and environmental requirements, Devi Impianti embraced modern and technologically advanced ways to bring benefits, which can be obtained by the combined use of renewable sources of energy, within everybody’s reach. In this perspective, the Company adopted new rational technologies for the combined production of electric and thermal energy, which is cogenerated through processes representing excellent alternatives on the economic and ecological front. Such solutions adapt to both civil and industrial reality and they allow the cogeneration through the biomass combustion, the reuse in thermal energy at high energy value, the use of water-cooled heat pumps, the thermal and electric energy based on the direct use of the solar energy (solar walls, solar panels, photovoltaic panels). With these new alternative technologies, Devi Impianti agrees with the lines suggested by Kyoto agreement for the environmental ecosystem protection.

Manutenzione centrali termicheThe activities of preventive, routine and extraordinary maintenance on heating systems, vapour over heated and conditioned system, are served with a range of integrated services that pursue technical and management optimization of activities, installations and structures. A complete operativeness that guarantees an optimal equilibrium among energy requirements, yield, security and wellbeing for all the users.

Some of our main services are: heat management, environmental consultancy, design, installation, technological and regulatory retraining. The activities are carried out according to the ISO standards and they are engineered, programmed and planned.

The aim is to optimize the performances and the appointed resources. The competences guarantee an energy saving and a revaluation of the installation systems. The acquired know-how, thanks to the well-established experience, allows a plant management with the maximum security and competitive advantage compared with competition. Devi Impianti is interested in the intervention procedure useful to obtain and spread technology and managerial innovation, to increase the services quality, to control the managerial and operational costs, to reduce the procedures, to increase the information and automation management; everything is followed by an accurate analysis and by the search for more correct and useful solutions to solve possible critical and problematic factors in the different intervention areas.


Servizio energiaDevi Impianti Energy Service Department is born of a high specialization and professionalism reached by the company in the field of supply and management of private, public, industrial heating systems. Thanks to the partnership with companies operating in different regions and sectors, Devi Impianti can satisfy a broad range of customer requests, who belong to different product sectors and typologies; it guarantees a complete covering in the service management to the customers, with the experience and the reliability reached thanks to highly specialized personnel and a flexible management structure. The aim of Devi Impianti is to reach the most elevated levels of quality in terms of security and environmental impact. The company provides the energy certification of buildings, the energy diagnosis, the design and installation of heating and air conditioning systems, and also the adjustment, the renovation and the transformation of the less recent systems or of the systems, which are not in accordance with law yet. It also suggests the "Energy Service", a contract that is the result of the requirement to give an environmental comfort condition through the optimization of the system efficiency. Devi Impianti gives a large series of package of management services, routine and planned maintenance and service for 365 days in the year to their Customer’ s disposal.


The packages supplied with the energy Service can include:

  • Electrical system maintenance.
  • Lifting equipment maintenance.
  • Drinking water system maintenance.
  • Drain, gate, plaster, roof and facility management maintenance.
  • Cleaning, green area maintenance, glass.

The broad range of services offered by Global Service is particularly advantageous for all the structures, from the smaller to the bigger ones as real estate, public corporations and authorities, which can rely on an unique and reliable referent. Global Service provides an unique and global service, which is guaranteed by the solidity of Devi Impianti, which can rely on the help of innovative and constantly updated information technology, so as to keep a higher-ranking of services. Global Service Department is always close to each Customer, as if it was the only one.

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