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     Electrical systems

Devi Impianti is a company specialized in the realization and maintenance of electrical, civil and industrial systems, industrial automation, photovoltaic and cogeneration systems.

Cogeneratore The thermal energy can be used for the industrial use or environmental conditioning (heating, cooling). The cogeneration is realized in particular central thermal power plants, where process hot water and/or steams, which are produced by a prime mover stoked by fossil fuel (gas, fuel oil, biomass, etc), are reused in this way: a significant energy conservation is got compared to the separated production of electrical energy (through production in supply-station) and of thermal energy (through traditional thermal station).
The cogeneration systems produce both electricity and heat, their total efficiency is given by the result of the net electric and thermal output divided by the used fuel.
Our field of action covers models of cogenerative systems realized with turbo gas/reciprocating engine and recovery boiler.

The photovoltaic effect consists in the conversion of the solar energy into electricity. This process is possible thanks to specific physical properties of some particular elements, called semiconductors. The basic elements of the photovoltaic technology is the cell, which can be realized with different methods. The cell is made of semiconductor material, to which the electrical contacts are connected. When the cell is exposed to the light, it produces electric energy in direct current, which will be transformed into alternating current to be used in normal electrical systems. The photovoltaic system can be:

Impianti fotovoltaiciAutonomous: when they are not integrated to an electric network, so they produce by themselves the whole of the energy need.

Connected to the network: when they are connected to the electric network, therefore during the hours in which the photovoltaic system can not produce electrical energy, the network itself provides energy. If the photovoltaic system produces more electrical energy than the requested one, the surplus quantity is transferred to the network and recorded, so it is not lost but it compensates for the energy provided by the network. Two counters are installed in the systems integrated into buildings to quantify the exchanges between the user and the network.

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