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Opere ediliThe activity of Devi Impianti in the building field includes:

  • Real estate: trading and lease of flat, shops, offices and lands. Sale promotion, coordination of building activity and management of complex of buildings, which must be built or restored.
  • Building activity:  planning and realization of new buildings, work of primary and secondary urbanization. The works include: digging, earth movement, foundations, masonries, partition walls and plugging, including shaving, painting, waterproofing and insolations, flooring and coating, reinforced concrete structures, steel structure, iron/steel/aluminium work, hydraulics, electricity, conditioning plant and air treatment, standing finish and frames and what it is necessary to give a completed perfect work.
  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance work:  improvement of room structures, development of room layouts in accordance with the logistic, environmental and aesthetic planning, respectful of the landscape and the local traditional and productive culture, replacement of not suitable materials, rearrangement and activity of work and safety condition (i.e.: lighting systems, gas installations, sewer systems, water systems, sanitary services, etc.), room transformation and adjustment/optimization intervention, finishing building work to guarantee the adequate integrity and the building identity.
  • Restoration intervention and conservative improvement of cultural and architectural heritage.
  • Building renovation intervention: demolition works and total rebuilding, redevelopment work, etc.
  • Specialized intervention:  i.e.: fire-fighting ring realization and irrigation systems.

Opere ediliThe aim of the company is the efficiency and the efficacy improvement of the process of building and management of building and civil engineering works, through evolutionary means of information and informatic applications which support the innovation of building processes/products, the technical judgement of the innovative products for the building and technical certification.

The company has also the necessary and certified qualifications for the building of streets, motorways, bridges, railways, waterworks, gas and oil, etc. which mean new and ambitious goals for the future.

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